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Colors and looms - Chapter II

I woke up with the charming sounds of looms! It was not far away from Kolkata and I had even not travelled whole night, but somehow I fell asleep. I never realised my love for looms before. The condition of the road ahead was also not good . So I got into consciousness. We crossed the railway track and reached our destination - Begumpur!! It was named Begumpur during the time of the Pathans. Begumpur is a handloom centre about 23 kilometres away from Kolkata and is situated in the district of Hooghly in West Bengal. For decades, weavers of Begumpur were famous for their cotton sarees with Mathapar (plain border). But with the increase of power looms and lack of interest in sarees, the production as well as the earning of weavers got affected . Where once weaving was the primary mode of earning, people started moving in production and export of collar and cuffs. Thanks to the great initiative of our state Government who not only helped the weavers earn their daily bread but also save
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Colours and looms!!

 When I started exploring fashion trends of Bengal, I was really surprised to see the hidden treasure of Bengal. With the change of colors in various parts of Bengal, it’s tradition, culture and people changes and along with them, fashion gets change. Incredible isn’t it! I was surprised to know the types of Bengal sarees we are having in here. Honestly, like any other person, I have a thought that sarees are only traditional and not in trend with regular fashion. It’s not easy to maintain and hard to carry. But no! Bengal has variety of sarees which are not only more than trending but also has our culture crafted in it. And to mention it’s maintainability, it’s absolutely no hassle. In last few days I have been to many corners of Bengal to explore what new we are having and the list is pretty long. I would love to mention few of them here for the sake of sharing my little knowledge what I gathered in last few days. So let’s have a look. I started my journey from a very

Sarees - a story of serenity

Saree is one of the world’s oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment which is still keeping eternal charm of Indian womanhood alive and fresh. It’s an unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine meters in length and is draped over the body in various styles. Depending upon the regions, we have variety of sarees which depicts the culture, art and history of that region. Few of the very common sarees are: Kanjeevaram saree (Tamil Nadu) Paithini Saree (Maharashtra) Muga Silk (Assam) Bomkai and Sambalpuri Saree (Odisha) Kasavu Cotton or Kerala Cotton (Kerala) Tant, Kantha saree, Jamdani , Baluchari silk saree (Bengal) Bhagalpuri (Bihar) Bandhini (Gujrat) Chikankari saree (Lucknow) Kalamkari and Lehariya saree (Rajasthan) Who was the first woman to wear a saree? Nobody knows. It’s hard to believe but there are some evidences that suggest that the saree was originated long time back, in the Indus valley civilization in 2800 to 1800 BC. It was a belief that

And the show kicks off ..

After a long wait finally we are here.. We are starting our journey with Saundraa. The path was not easy at all (we did not expect it to be easy though). We changed our course so many times, we fell, hurt but did not stop. That courage is bringing smile to our faces today. We are so happy to publish our first blog. So stay tuned for many more things.. Many more shares. And we will be looking forward to see your happy faces and blessings..